A study of over 800,000 women found that post-abortive women are more likely to be at risk for mental health problems including substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. 

If you feel isolated and are struggling emotionally after your abortion—you are not alone. Many women experience these hardships and it’s important to know that recovery is possible. 

Consider Your Emotions

Abortion takes a toll not just on your body but also on your emotions. It’s vital to face these emotions and work through them with someone you trust. Give yourself the time and grace you need to recover and heal. 

It’s important to acknowledge what you are feeling and not try to suppress it. These feelings come and go like, so give yourself the flexibility to face each one as they come. Some of the common emotions you may experience after an abortion include:

  • Sadness or Sorrow
  • Feeling of Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Nightmares
  • Anger or Rage
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Regret or Guilt
  • Emotional Pain
  • Suicidal Impulses
  • Self-destructive Behavior

the Support You Need

Though abortion seems like it gives temporary relief, there are serious emotions that come after the fact, months or even years later for some women. It may seem like life is not as joyful or simple as it used to be and it could affect your work, relationships, and mental health.

You are not alone in your journey to recovery. So many women struggle emotionally after their abortion but have found relief and healing.

Recovering After an Abortion

Get the extra support and guidance you need at Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic. Our team can offer you the resources you need to live a life full of hope again. You can find peace emotionally after an abortion. 

Talk safely and confidentially today. Schedule a no-cost appointment to learn more. We are here to listen and help answer any questions you may have.