We know this new journey can be a challenging time. You don’t have to do it alone. Partner with us and request resources customized to your needs.

Thrive Life Coaching

THRIVE is a 7-step process to help you look at key areas in your life that may be getting in the way of you becoming your best you. THRIVE will assist you in evaluating family patterns and experiences you have gone through with the goal of creating a greater level of awareness so you can choose to take steps to make positive changes in your life.

THRIVE will also help you see yourself as the valuable, unique person that you are by helping you understand any lies you may be believing about yourself and replacing those. THRIVE will also assist you in walking out the process of forgiveness and determining the goals you want to work work on for your future. The THRIVE process seeks to help you learn how to better better cope with life challenges, make positive choices and experience true joy.

One-on-One Parenting Coaching

Come be a part of a one-one-one session. Be inspired, be informed, and become the best parents you can be. You will have the opportunity to LIVE out your parenting journey with amazing professionals and meet other soon-to-be parents! Join our FREE parenting coaching sessions where experts will help you learn NewbornCare and Parenting Basics to best care for you and your new baby.

Fatherhood Mentoring

Sometimes you need another guy to be that safe, objective coach and mentor that will help you not just aspire, but discover and achieve your dreams and transform your life. Become the man and leader you are brave enough to be! Find support to achieve your goals, be effective, and overcome challenges to be the best man and father you can become.