How Can I Talk to a Nurse Online for Free?

If you have questions, our nurses are here to answer them. With our new 24/7 online chat feature, you can talk to a nurse without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Read on to learn more about this new option.

How to Chat

When you are ready to chat, simply click our website’s “chat now” icon, and you will be connected to a nurse. Type your questions in the box and click “send” to get a response from a licensed nurse. Chatting with a nurse from our website is fast and at no-cost to you!

Why Take Advantage of This Free Service?

Our experienced nurses are here to answer your questions about women’s health.
Examples of situations an online nurse might be able to help with include the following:

  • Do you think you might be pregnant? Talk to a nurse about your symptoms and get more information about the steps you need to take to confirm pregnancy. 
  • Do you have questions about your options for pregnancy? Our nurses are trained to share information about pregnancy options.
  • Do you need to know more about sexually transmitted disease (STD) symptoms, testing, or treatment? Our nurses will give you the answers you need to care for your health best.

Sometimes a woman might feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive topics like pregnancy or sexual health in a face-to-face environment. Get the information you need while staying anonymous using our free online chat.

Our online nurses can offer reassurance and emotional support if you feel anxious or uncertain about your health. 


Talking with a nurse online is not meant to replace in-person medical care. Our nurses are here to offer advice and support. They can provide guidance on your next steps for your health. If you are experiencing an emergency, seeking immediate medical attention is essential for your safety.

We Are Here to Help

Would you prefer an in-person visit? Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic offers same-day pregnancy testing visits. Contact us today to schedule a free appointment.