Our Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is available for appointments across Volusia County and beyond!

If you have an MMU appointment, you will have your full-service appointment on our state-of-the-art mobile clinic.  It will be a private, one-on-one appointment with personalized care.  Visit our Appointment Expectation for more info on the appointment itself.

Your appointment will be with one of our compassionate patient advocates and a qualified, knowledgeable registered nurse.  You may receive a free, same-day limited ultrasound (if you qualify) using innovative scan technology on the MMU.  There is a privacy curtain for your comfort and privacy during the appointment, a bathroom, as well as ultrasound viewing options for whomever attends the appointment with you, if you so choose.


Your comfort, confidentiality, and privacy is our priority during your visit.  It is just like a visit to one of our clinic buildings with the convenience of mobility!