Thinking About Adoption?

Adoption may seem like an option you know absolutely nothing about. Adoption is one of your three pregnancy options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. It could be a great option for you if you are wanting to offer your child a family who can provide for and raise your child well.

Here is more information about the adoption process and what to expect. There are multiple plans you can choose from. Adoption has changed for the better over the years and the birth mother has more of a say in the process. You get to decide what kind of relationship you would like with your child if any.

Is Adoption For You?

What do you imagine your future looking like? Adoption is not easy, but it’s a selfless and loving choice. Choosing a future for your child is a big responsibility. Whenever something is as important as this, you want to plan it out. That’s why, as the birth or expectant mother, you choose an adoption plan that’s right for you and your child. We are here for you along the way.

You are not alone. Many women have chosen this same route because of life’s circumstances. Maybe you’re struggling financially, emotionally, or you know that you are not ready to parent. These are all reasons to think about adoption. No matter how you move forward, you will always be a mother. 

Types of Adoption

There are many options to choose from, giving you the opportunity to decide what kind of relationship you want with your child, if any.

Open Adoption Plan

The most common type of adoption is open adoption. With this plan, you have open communication with the adoptive family and exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers. Both parties agree on the amount of communication and physical contact everyone is comfortable with.

Closed Adoption Plan

With a closed adoption, the adoptive family and birth mom remain anonymous. The child’s birth certificate and identifying information are sealed after everything is finalized with the adoption. If you desire closure or worry about the safety of your child in your home, this is a great option. 

Semi-open Adoption Plan

Semi-open adoption is a blend of open and closed adoption. There is communication between you, your child, and the adoptive family through the adoption agency or specialist you’ve chosen. 

If knowing your child and their adoptive family while remaining anonymous sounds appealing, choose a semi-open adoption plan.

Choosing a Family

There is a lengthy process that the adoptive family goes through in order to become eligible for the adoption process. There are background checks, criminal checks, questionnaires, photos, and home studies are all done before being matched with a child.

To learn more about the option of adoption, contact us today for a no-cost options appointment. We are here to help you make a confident decision.