Florida Governor Passes Six-Week Abortion Ban

Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently signed Senate Bill 300, also called the Heartbeat Protection Act banning abortions past 6 weeks. With both sides of the abortion argument heatedly debating this bill, many women in Florida are wondering how this new ban will affect their pregnancy options. 

Keep reading to learn what this new law means for you.

What Is the Heartbeat Protection Act?

The Heartbeat Protection Act is a new Florida state law passed on April 13, 2023, that bans abortion for pregnancies beyond 6 weeks. The law provides exceptions for women that are pregnant as a result of rape, incest, or human trafficking. Women who need to terminate their pregnancies to save their life will also still have access to abortion. 

This new law also makes mail-delivered abortion pills illegal.

When Will the Heartbeat Protection Act Take Effect?

Currently, in Florida, the previous abortion ban, in which abortion was legal until 15 weeks, is being challenged in the Florida Supreme Court. If the court decides to uphold the 15-week ban, the new 6-week ban will take effect within 30 days of the decision. 

The Florida Supreme Court does not have a deadline by which they need to make their decision. 

What Does the Heartbeat Protection Act Mean for Me?

Women facing unexpected pregnancies in Florida will no longer have access to abortion past 6 weeks of pregnancy. 

The Heartbeat Protection Act devotes state funds to supporting women and families. These funds provide the following:

  • Family planning and counseling
  • Service to postpartum mothers
  • Pregnancy support services
  • Wellness services in pregnancy

Direct client services will be offered to women for up to 12 months after their child is born.

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